About Us

Your Greentite Team – Built Green, Built Tite, Built Right

Our team has 20 plus years experience as General Contractors, Construction Managers, a LEED GA accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council and a Realtor that specializes in Green Real Estate. We take a team approach to your project from pre-planning to weekly progress meetings through completion.

A big part of any green project is planning and making sure all trades have the same objective, know their scope of work and timeline and most of all work together as a team. For instance the way a house is sealed and insulated will greatly affect the type and sizing of the HVAC, so all trades must communicate and know the project objectives upfront and be able to adjust accordingly if need be throughout project by working together. This is not the norm on a standard residential project. Each sub normally does their own thing with little regard if it will work as efficiently as it could with other types of components installed by other subs.

Much of the time you end up with a house full of systems working independently of each other, instead of a home made up of  matched components working together as an efficient system.  

Today’s Home

It hasn’t been that many years ago when the average size home was 1200 – 1500 square feet. The average home today is twice that size and built more to impress than it is for practicality or comfort. Many do not realize the systems that are common in homes today, including HVAC, were not common in homes as little as 50 years ago. This is when most of our problems began, things that we are just now finally figuring out. Things like vapor drive, negative pressure and air quality issues were never an issue before and are still relatively unknown and misunderstood by many today. In the same time period we have turned our homes into a toxic wasteland by adding hundreds if not thousands of VOC’s to the air we breath. Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuary, but we have found out many are actually making us sick.  Many of the most common building materials today off-gas VOC’s including sheathing, cabinetry, carpets, paint, insulation, etc. Do you think there might be a correlation between the many health issues we have today that have surfaced during the same time period? Many experts believe our homes actually are making us sick. Keep in mind you spend over 80% of your time in your home. Shouldn’t it be a healthy and comfortable sanctuary for your family?

Our Mission

Our commitment is to bring back quality and comfort verses quantity and unused space. A Greentite home is built for living in, not looking at, even though they deserve and command the respect of all who enter. We do not place emphasis on bigger, we place it on efficient use and better.  A Greentite Home is built for efficiency, health and successful living.   





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